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From the Corner Office


From the archives: November, 2013. One of the harshest punishments is solitary confinement—it’s an unusual person who can stand extended seclusion.  People who actively seek solitude, like Jeremiah Johnson, Greta Garbo, or Into the Wild’s Chris McCandless, are sort of intrinsically exotic. Christian history is rich with hermits and anchorites, including St. Antony, St. Jerome, […]

On Ending Pilgrimages… and Starting New Ones

From the archives:  The Deacon’s Beacon, April 2014.  Thinking of pilgrimage reminds me of a sage comment my father once made.  He said that life is a continuous progression from freshman to senior and back to freshman again.  Think about it.  Whatever you do, you start out as a clueless beginner and then progress through […]


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