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From the Corner Office

Sunday, January 14, 2018

This Sunday we continue with the short season of Epiphany.  Ash Wednesday will be upon us in just one month. The readings are all about receiving a call to serve the Lord. The Gospel tells us about Jesus’s first meeting with Nathanael (a.k.a. Bartholomew) who went on to become one of the 12 apostles. However, for a change we […]

Sunday, January 7: Epiphany

The Wise Men finally make it to Bethlehem this Saturday! Epiphany, the church’s celebration of the visit of the wise men to baby Jesus, is actually on Saturday this year. But we’ll be celebrating it on Sunday – a Kid’s Sunday– to give us a chance to talk about what possible relevance three astrologers from the far east could possibly have to […]

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January 17, 2018

7:00 pm in the Vestry room

Sunday Mass

January 21, 2018

Services at 8:00 am in the chapel and 10:30 in the sanctuary

Sunday Mass

January 28, 2018

Services at 8:00 am in the chapel, 10:30 am in the sanctuary.

Sunday Mass

February 4, 2018

Services at 8:00 am in the chapel and 10:30 am in the sanctuary.