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God Calling

Formation is a churchy word for listening to God's call for your life. It involves learning, listening and shaping one's life toward God. 


 In "formation" we go deeper into our faith and relationship with God. We spend time individually and in community listening for God's voice. We ask fundamental questions like "Who are becoming?" and "What is God asking of us at this time and in this place?"


With the support of community, we shape our lives according to God's call. 

Join us for
Wednesdays @ 7 pm

On hiatus during Lent,

we will return during Easter tide

Join this year as read and study the Gospel of Matthew. The church follows a three year lectionary cycle where are liturgical readings focus on Matthew, Mark and Luke. We are currently focusing on Matthew. Each week, we read through a part of the gospel together and discuss it. 


We will meet on zoom:


Book Discusions

April 2 at 5 pm

Our April book is The Last Week by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan.

In preparation for Holy Week, we will read The Last Week. Biblical scholars, Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan, join forces to explore what we know about Jesus' last week primarily through the lens of the gospel of Mark, and its connection to how we celebrate Holy Week. 

Our next book discussion will be May 7th @ 5 pm. We will read Samira Mehta's The Racism of People Who Love You: Essays on Mixed Race Belonging.

Previous Books

  • Joan Chitister's Scared by Struggle, Transformed by Hope  

  • Conor Dougherty's Golden Gates: The Housing Crisis and a Reckoning for the American Dream 

  • Eli Saslow's  Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist.


Children & Youth

At St. Peter’s, we welcome the engagement of children and youth as part of our church community.

All children and youth are encouraged to join us in worship and participate in the services.  This includes actively participating in the service as ushers or acolytes, singing, and helping out 

We also work hard to keep young people engaged, with a special focus on community service for kids of all ages.  We’ve filled and given away backpacks to local schoolchildren in need, put together Hope Bags for the homeless, and in recent years have taken our teens on summer mission trips to the Navajo Nation in Crownpoint, New Mexico. And parish youth are welcome in all of our outreach programs, not just the programs designed for kids. 


We plan activities and events to be intergenerational, which means children, youth, and adults participating together. 

We partner with Epiphany Episcopal Church, San Carlos for youth group opportunities. 

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