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About the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion:

The Episcopal Diocese of California

The Episcopal Church (USA)

The Anglican Communion (Worldwide)

Online Worship Tools:

Bible Study Tools

Online Bibles with commentaries and more

Lectionary Page

Liturgical calendar with full readings

The (Online) Book of Common Prayer


Online database of hymns

Forward Movement

Christian online bookstore


Interfaith news organization

Resources for Kids:

Illustrated Children’s Ministry

Coloring pages, activities, and more

Videos for Kids

A page with several kid-friendly Christian YouTube channels (not specifically Episcopal)

Godly Play Foundation

The official website of the same Godly Play we offer

St. Dorothy’s Rest

An Episcopal camp and retreat for all ages

Episcopal Action Organizations:

Episcopal Relief

Worldwide disaster relief mission

Bread for the World

Christian foundation seeking to end hunger

Churches Uniting in Christ

Inter-denominational organization combating racism

Church World Service

Relief, development, and refugee assistance ministry

Recursos en Español:

La Iglesia Episcopal

El sitio web de la iglesia episcopal de EE. UU.

Biblia Vida

Traducciones diferentes de la Biblia con comentarios y más

Leccionario Dominical

Calendario letúrgico con lecturas completas

El Libro de Oración Común (PDF)


Recursos impresos y digitales

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