SPYs and SPY parents were out in force on the weekend of June 4 and 5… and boy, they sure had a lot of a stuff to wrestle with. The event?  An enormous yard sale! The cause?  Fundraising for this year’s mission to Crownpoint, New Mexico.

Fortunately, there were many hands to help… and a handsome crew it was, too, young people and adults alike.

Group of kids


Garage Sale 1 ed


The parents were cruel taskmasters… but the kids survived, somehow.


The workers all had their specializations. Here’s the counting room staff, deep in conference.

Making change

The Book Department had tons of stock.  Haberdashery nearly filled the block.


Clothes rack

Two girls

And there was plenty of other stuff besides books and clothes: something for all ages.  A rocking horse… bicycles… a walker… the Riddle of the Sphinx, so to speak, on sale in our front yard!

Rocking horse

It was a great opportunity for fellowship… there’s nothing like a sidewalk full of stuff to spark good conversation.

Three women

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the Marketing Department was inspired.

Banana cu

Cathy Siri, who organized the event and herded all the cats, tells us that the sale itself raised more than $600 for the trip, supplemented by a generous donation from the ECW.  Leftover items were donated to the Savers thrift shop.

Kids, parents, and customers all agree: it was a hoot!