We stopped by the church recently and heard a clamorous uproar in the Library.  It turned out that a wild party was underway: laughter… stories… the whole nine yards.  And some whopping lies, too.  Somebody said that Lois Cook, relaxed and looking younger than ever, was celebrating her 94th birthday!

And if you think for one minute that we fell for it… well, keep thinking.  The pictures of this youngster tell a completely different story.

Lois cu ed

There are people we love to have around whether they’re fibbing or not, and Lois is high on the list.  It would be hard to find anyone whose warm smile and quiet affection can do more to brighten a day.  And Lois sure brightened up that room!

Lois party ed

A table full of happy people… warm fellowship on a joyful occasion… and two cakes! We don’t see how a party could get much better.

And whether Lois really is 94, or several decades younger (which seems much more likely), having her around is always cause for celebration.