The sun hadn’t been up for very long and the morning haze had just begun to clear when John McGill’s wide pickup backed slowly down the narrow driveway.  One by one a half dozen parishioners gathered in the kitchen, some are still rubbing their eyes as they laid out their materials and got to work.  Breakfast was barely over and they were about to make lunch.


Experience can be helpful… especially when you’re setting up an assembly line.   People gravitate to jobs as needed.













Some are great with coffee.  some are great at bagging… and some are experts at making a couple dozen sandwiches at one time.









It takes a certain amount of concentration to make a truckload of sandwiches… and sometimes a certain amount of discussion.  Exactly how much mayonnaise is enough?







On Saturday mornings about 50 or 60 day laborers gather in the Home Depot parking lot in San Carlos.  Another 20 or so wait patiently at Chavez Market on Fifth Avenue.  On Saturday, September 30, our brown bag ministers made 75 sandwiches.  That turned out to be just about the perfect number.DSC_0774

Each brown bag held a ham and cheese sandwich and a banana.  Coffee and bottled water come with the meal.  By about 9:00 am or so the bags were full and loaded on the truck, along with the coffee cart and a couple of cases of water.


By 10:30 everyone was cleaning up and saying goodbye back at the church.  Seventy-five workers fed… what a great feeling!  There can’t be many better ways to start a weekend.

Would you like to join in?  The ministry happens once a month.  Watch for next month’s date in the newsletter, and show up at 8:00. See you there!