Keeping scrapbooks is an ancient and honorable tradition at St. Peter’s.  Some of our paper scrapbooks date back to the turn of the 20th century.  It’s fun to look through all those old yellow newspaper clippings and sepia photos.

Here’s a collection of digital scrapbooks… some are from the archives and some are more recent.

If you have any photos or clippings that you’d like to share, we welcome contributions.  Send them to



Cookies and Creches!





Christmas Pageant: 2016



759 ed


Mission to Crownpoint: 2016




Banana cu



Yard Sale: June 2016



In the sun


Easter 2016






Shrove Tuesday: February, 2016





The 151st Annual Meeting: January,2016





The Gingerbread Contest, January 2016




2 angels


Christmas Pageant 2015





A Barn-Raising:  December, 2015





A Bedazzling Bake Sale:  November, 2015


Bryce & Al ed


Stars of Tomorrow:  November, 2015



Peace ed



Chalk It up to Experience: Fall, 2015




Up Above My Head: August, 2015


Eli wall ed


Mission to New Mexico: August, 2015.




Inside tower ed


A Convention Diary: June 2015



DSC_0304 ed


Yard Sale! July 2015




Front & Back



Parish Young People: May 31, 2015




Bake and Book Sale: May, 2015




Bee All You Can Bee: Our Quilting Project



09 LRC w_car sepia ed


From the Archives: a Scrapbook of Where We’ve Worshipped.