St. Peters’ Documentary

Made in 2014 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of St. Peter’s church, our full-length documentary,  “Conversations on the Journey,” provides a look at parish history and the voices of dozens of parishioners, from kids to senior citizens.  DVDs are available at no cost on request: drop us a note at office@stpetersrwc or give us a call at (650) 367-0777

If you like your documentaries in smaller portions, we can serve ours one chapter at a time.

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Chapter 1: HistoryHistory Thumb



Chapter 2: MemoriesMemories Thumb



Today ThumbChapter 3: St. Peter’s Today



Chapter 4: St. Peter’s TomorrowTomorrow Thumb


Spectrum Magazine Feature

150th magazine displaySt. Peter’s in the news!  Our 150th anniversary prompted Spectrum Magazine to take a closer look at St. Peter’s and its role in the community. Click below to download a PDF of the issue!


NancyParishioner Nancy Oliver’s father worked in a Montana mine to put himself through college.  After he died, Nancy and her sister found a journal he’d kept, with stories they’d never heard before.  In it he describes a nail-biting experience in a mine shaft… and his realization that he really wasn’t alone, even in the darkest and loneliest place imaginable.