This Sunday we continue with the short season of Epiphany.  Ash Wednesday will be upon us in just one month. The readings are all about receiving a call to serve the Lord. The Gospel tells us about Jesus’s first meeting with Nathanael (a.k.a. Bartholomew) who went on to become one of the 12 apostles. However, for a change we will focus on the Hebrew Testament story of the calling of Samuel, one of the earliest prophets who was to go on to anoint the first two kings of Israel. Samuel was just a young boy at the time and had been pledged to serve the Lord in the temple. Three times the Lord called to him and each time Samuel mistakenly thought that it was his master, Eli, who was calling. Finally, probably tired of having his sleep interrupted by the boy, Eli tells him to respond, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” How do we learn to listen for God’s call?  How do we know that it really is the Lord who is calling? Join us Sunday to see how we might answer these questions.