This Sunday is a Kid’s Sunday and we’ll be talking about healing… healing in the broadest sense of the word. Our story is a continuation of the last two weeks; Jesus has called his disciples, they have gone to Temple together where they drove a demon from some unfortunate fellow, and this week. they head back to Peter’s house for something to eat… maybe brunch. Unfortunately, they find that Peter’s mother-in-law is sick in bed. Fortunately, Jesus heals her, and as the Bible says, “she gets up and serves them.” Let’s not linger over the fact that he seemed to heal her so she could get up to fix something to eat.
When I sit down with the kids, I’ll talk about how healing can be physical healing and that healing comes in other ways. People are healed when someone expresses regret, or is kind, offers understanding, or just listens to someone when they want to talk. We can be healed when we let go of negative feelings as well. You get the idea. I hope the kids do too.