Thanks for coming to St. Peter’s website! You’ve landed in our congregation’s virtual space, and though it’s less solid than our physical space we offer the same warm welcome you’ll find when you visit our church.

The Rev. Susan Parsons

You’ll find plenty of information here, and it’s our hope that as you look around and make yourself at home you’ll get a sense of the vibrant, welcoming, loving community we strive to be. There are programs, classes and activities for all ages within the church and outreach is equally important to us. St. Peter’s roots are deep in Redwood City; we were founded 150 years ago.

Recently, one of our new members said to me that he when he first came to St. Peter’s he wondered how he would be received. He wasn’t sure what he believed, hadn’t been to church for years, and had no real ties to any denomination. After just one service, he said he knew he would be accepted and that our words and our banner are true, ‘No matter who you are, or where you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.’

And it’s as true for you as it was for him!

If you need more information (or just want to chat), I hope you’ll give me a call at 650 367-0777. In the meantime I offer you my


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