St. Peter’s had our 153rd Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 29! Thank you to everyone who attended!


We remembered Gertrude Lacina, Don Sullivan, Eleanor Hiles, and Arthur Lloyd – may light perpetual shine upon them.


John Lessar resigned as Treasurer.  Thank you to Rev. Horace Greeley and Eleanor Antonakis for their assistance in putting together the financial report and budget that were distributed at the meeting. 

Some highlights for the more numbers-inclined of us: The actual income and expenses from January-December 2016 resulted in a $2,305.98 loss, significantly better than the projected $11,075.05 loss in the original budget. Total income was $265,375.43, approximately $30,000 less than the budgeted income of $286,795.00, while total expenses were $267,681.41, approximately $30,000 less than the budgeted expenses of $297,870.05. The 2017 Operating Budget anticipates a loss of about $14,799 before depreciation.


We said thank you to retiring vestry members John Nieman and Jim Redman for their service on the vestry. John Nieman has accepted a new position as chancellor of the church.

Nancy Oliver, who has been with the church since 1947, and Cari Pang Chen, who has been with the church since 2002, accepted new roles on the vestry. 


Mother Susan acknowledged that it was quite an “annus horribilis” for her, so she looked for blessings and asked “Where is God in all of it?” She found lots of light and goodness, including in the Mission Trip, Healing by Mother Susan and her daughter, the ten new people who joined the congregation, and the Sandwich ministry at Home Depot.


Everyone was encouraged to read John Nieman’s report in the Annual Report, which included reflections on the motto of the parish – “No matter who you are, or where you’ve been, you are welcome here.”


Teri Chin, Deborah Runyeon, and Nancy Oliver agreed to consider being representatives for the Diocesan Convention on November 4.

Special thank you to Su Boocock, Laura Ild, and Barbara Naas, as well as Ted Hardie (traveled 130,000 miles in 2016) and Paul Shaefer (in the hospital because he hurt his hip), and the Madden Family for their support of the youth program.


And, of course, we all wished Mother Susan a very happy birthday!