On August 2, 2015 10 young people (and four adults) from St. Peter’s headed off to Crownpoint, New Mexico to work for a week on building and renovation projects.  The food was horrible, the accommodations were miserable, the work was hard… and the trip was fantastic!

Just added!  The young people made an awesome slideshow that documents the whole trip…

Here’s some more info and a few photos…

The trip was coordinated with Next Steps Ministries, a groups that sets up work projects and provides facilities to participating churches like us.

The Group ed

Crownpoint is in the northwestern section of New Mexico, in the Four Corners region. The town is part of the Navajo Nation.  The landscape is spectacular.  Aside from a pounding rainstorm on the night we arrived, the weather was mostly clear… and hot. Sunscreen, water bottles, and sunglasses were popular items.

Vista ed

When our group arrived we were each assigned to one of four work crews.  Our assignments included painting, flooring, roofing, and carpentry.

Ben et al floor ed

Marco rolling ed

Sophia roof ed

Eli wall ed

Bryce ladder ed

2 girls floor ed

The facilities included “barracks,” worship space, and a three-walled pavilion where we ate meals and met.

Facilities ed


In the dorm ed

Girls in dorm

Meeting under the stars ed

Crownpoint twilight ed

Everyone got a few battle scars… especially the roofers.  That tar sure is sticky!

More battle scars ed

Battle scars ed

After a day of work we had time to worship,explore the grounds, and hang out together.

Dinner ed

Maddy posed ed

Not everyone can color-coordinate while roughing it!

This year's fashion color

One night we held a eucharist on the hill behind our compound.  We had a rock for an altar, fruit punch and tortillas for the elements, a gorgeous summer evening for our backdrop, and a few special touches.  It was glorious, and especially nice when a local resident joined us.

With John ed

Juan at the altar

The next night we were treated to fry bread tacos, made by a group of Crownpoint women.  The tacos were scrumptious!

Fry Bread

On our last day in New Mexico we visited a lake and treated ourselves to a restaurant meal in Albuquerque.

4 girls lake ed

Eli menu ed

What a trip!

Harper & Ben ed