From Advent to Epiphany, the holidays offer plenty of excitement every year at St. Peter’s.  And here are the top ten reasons why this Christmas was extra special.

Number 10: Crafts and Talents.  What a bunch of artistic parishioners.  Genius abounds!



Number 9: Creches.  Amazing variety… and each one comes from a special family.

Mexican Creche

Wood Creche

Number 8:  The Bishop!  Wasn’t it a treat to host Bishop Marc during Advent? There’s nothing like visiting with good friends for the holidays.

Bishop Mark1

Bishop and Diane

Number 7:  Even more VIPS!  We sure had some impressive guests, didn’t we?


Number 6:  Decorations everywhere.  No halls went undecked!

Organ Xmas

Desert Inn


Number 5: A star-studded pageant.  The plot may have been familiar, but the actors were awesome… and they had a whale of a time.

Star Studded

Pageant Duo



Nativity 2



Number 4:  A pair of kings.  These aces stole our hearts.

King Herod

Epiphany King

Number 3:  Swarms of angels. It seemed like the heavenly host was especially breathtaking in 2017.


Nativity 1


Number 2:  Christmas Eve.  We’re pretty sure this is everyone’s favorite service of the year… for good reason!

Xmas Eve


Number 1:  And when the excitement is over, everyone gets a well-earned rest.

New angel